Persbericht woensdag 6 december 2023:

Prénatal supports the increase of the minimum wage in Bangladesh

We feel the urge to show our support towards the textile garment workers in Bangladesh who are urging an increase of the minimum wage in line with the current living standards. The government of Bangladesh recently declared an increase in the minimum wage to 12500 taka (around 104 euro). While the proposed increase in the minimum wage may seem like an improvement from the current 8000 taka (around 70 euro), it is crucial to realize that this wage is still below the wage that covers the current living standards of a garment worker in Bangladesh.

As Prénatal, we are working towards becoming a more sustainable business. Therefore, collaboration and responsible purchasing practices are fundamental. This is especially crucial in times such as today with the ongoing challenges posed by inflation. We find it important to consider the well-being of our suppliers with whom we collaborate, given our long-term relationships with each other. We believe it is essential to uphold responsible practices and to provide support for these protests.

We feel that the proposed adjustment of the government falls short and does not provide a living wage for the garment workers. Therefore, we call on all companies involved to support the protests and work towards a minimum wage that is in line with the living wage. In addition, we will continue to work on implementing sustainability initiatives such as our living wage project and factory support program.

Persbericht dinsdag 7 november 2023:

Prénatal Nederland krijgt nieuwe eigenaar

Press release Tuesday, November 7, 2023:

Prénatal Netherlands gets new owner

Persbericht nieuwe CEO Richard Turk

Prénatal verwelkomt Richard Turk als nieuwe CEO

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Rob van den Noort kondigt zijn vertrek aan als CEO van Prénatal

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